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Council Meeting Minutes
Wednesday 19th January 2022
Wednesday 16th February 2022
Wednesday 16th March 2022
Wednesday 20th April 2022
Wednesday 25th May 2022
Wednesday 15th June 2022
Wednesday 6th January 2021 (Extraordinary Meeting)
Wednesday 20th January 2020
Wednesday 17th February 2021
Wednesday 17th March 2021
Wednesday 28th April 2021
Wednesday 19th May 2021
Wednesday 16th June 2021
Wednesday 21st July 2021
Wednesday 29th September 2021
Wednesday 20th October 2021
Wednesday 24th November 2021
Wednesday 15th January 2020
Wednesday 19th February 2020
Wednesday 15th April 2020
Wednesday 20th May 2020
Wednesday 17th June 2020
Wednesday 23rd July 2020
Wednesday 17th September 2020
Wednesday 21st October 2020
Wednesday 18th November 2020
Wednesday 16th January 2019
Wednesday 20th February 2019
Wednesday 20th March 2019
Wednesday 17th April 2019
Wednesday 15th May 2019
Wednesday 19th June 2019
Wednesday 17th July 2019
Wednesday 18th September 2019
Wednesday 16th October 2019
Wednesday 20th November 2019
Monday 9th December 2019
Financial Statements & Reports
Accounting Statements 2021:22
Annual Governance Statement 2021:22
Annual Internal Audit Report 2021:22
Certificate of Exemption 2021:22
Publication of Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2021:22
Annual Governance Statement 2019:20
Annual Internal Audit Report 2019:20
External Auditor Report and Certificate 2019:20
Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2019:2020
Asset Register
BPC Risk Assessment
Brington Model - Standing - Orders Approved
Financial Regulations
Member Code of Conduct West

News & Events

Bringtons & Nobottle News is published the first weekend of February, April, June, August, October and December.

History of the Parish

The village has been known as Great Brington since 1648, although in medieval times it was known as Cherche Bryngton or Brington Magna to distinguish it from the hamlet of Lytell Brington or Bbryngton Parva.

History of the Parish

The Parish covers an area of some 3,000 acres and contains two villages, Great and Little Brington, and the hamlet of Nobottle.